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Jan 27 , 2013 18Share
Evolution is happening

whether you want to agree or not is not the point, just look around you, it’s so easy to see. People are questioning. Governments are trying to take their rights from us. People are fighting back strongly. the WEATHER is insane, today it rained, freezed over and then warmed back up again within the same day, it’s winter here. By tuesday it’s supposed to turn into 60 degrees in JANUARY. INSANITY. The poles are clearly shifting from the solar radiation, it’s no longer ‘global warming bullshit’ it’s REAL and happening.

People joke with me, ‘oh it’s like you read my mind’ “wouldn’t it be fun to teleport” “let’s stop working, why do we need to work anyway if it’s pure torture” “Wouldn’t life be better if it was just an endless vacation” 

Look around you, people. Listen. It is happening. It might be gradual but our Earth has went through so many changes within this past year it’s absurd if you haven’t started noticing yet…it’s everywhere. 

Peace will reign once again on Mother Earth

If people love without fear, love within, 

the world will know peace. 


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